About Whakatane


T he Whakatane District in the Eastern Bay of Plenty is one of the most diversely beautiful areas in New Zealand. Sandy beaches are predominant along the 54 kilometres of coastline that stretches from Otamarakau in the west to Ohiwa in the east. Central areas include fertile lowlands and farming areas on the Rangitaiki Plains through to Murupara. Te Urewera National Park in the south, which makes 41% of the district, is protected native forest and is home to a rich array of flora and fauna. The total area of the district covers 433,000ha or 4,442km2.

The climate is superb and many people are choosing to relocate, buy or set up business in a place where life can be enjoyed. Whakatane records the highest temperature in New Zealand about 55 days of each year. Average annual sunshine is 2332 hours with an average annual rainfall of 1207mm.

The Whakatane district has a population of 34,400. The largest urban area Whakatane, with a population of 18,750, is the major service and administrative centre for the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Nearby Ohope has a population of 2,760.

In 2012 Whakatane was NZ sunniest place and is the Sunshine Capital of NZ. Ohope Beach was voted NZs Best Beach!

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